See how Tello is helping families save & enjoy more

Here’s how Tello is helping families save & enjoy more, regardless of the major issue parents are facing, from choosing the right plan for their kid to his very first phone, all while getting more value for money. A parent’s guide to surviving the teen years must include patience, trust and great choices, especially when it comes to your children’s needs.

Fact: Seemingly little expenses like your phone bill can have a big effect on our personal finances.

The small things add up, kids’ needs keep piling on and suddenly, the situation gets out of hand. That especially happens when you’re paying for more than what you and your family use.

Tello Tip: Track your spending and see where you can adjust

See how much you’re actually using in terms of minutes, text and data every month and think about what your other family members can use. At Tello, you can check your available balance, remaining minutes, text & gigs of data in your Dashboard Account.

Need more? You can always choose another phone plans, upgrade or downgrade anytime, free of charge.

Fact: A lot of families are still overpaying for their wireless service

Many people are stuck in contracts, having pricy predefined phone plans with combos they do not even need or want.

Tello to the rescue: We’ve just dropped our prices with up to 35%!

That means that more than 55% of our current customers are saving extra from now on! For instance, if you want a plan including unlimited minutes & text plus 2GB of data, you can have it now at only $19/mo., instead of $25.

Compare the new Tello phone plans prices with your current carrier and feel the savings! It’s the perfect timing to make a change for the better!

Fact: Many parents struggle with choosing their kids’ perfect phone plan

Juggling budgets, teens’ constantly changing desires and parents’ need to have the last word in these decisions can be quite the balancing act for most families.

Tello Tip: Build a custom plan for your kid

Zooming into Tello’s biggest strengths: you can choose the amount of minutes, text and data according to your children’s age and needs. You can start safe, with a talk & text only plan and then upgrade as you go along.

See how this customer made the best choice for his preteen daughter:

Fact: Flagship smartphones are quite expensive

Yet their features are so addictive it’s no wonder both parents & teens want to get their hands on them. A new phone can be a big blow in your monthly budget, even if you find the “perfect deal”.

Tello best practice: Get a refurbished phone

When it comes to saving money or getting more for what to pay, this is the way to go. Unlike a second-hand phone, a refurbished phone from Tello has been tested, repaired if needed, comes with a warranty and it has been cleaned and made to function and look as a new one. Repairs can include anything from replacing a scratched housing on innards that still work perfectly, replacing the cracked display or adding a new battery. Same features and a price that is easy on eyes and the family budget.

Fact: Extra benefits make all the difference in wireless carriers

Usually, you have to pay extra for some benefits or features, like tethering, and that is the reason why reading the fine print of contracts has become a skill of most money-savvy parents.

Tello Freebies: tethering, unlimited text included in any plan, international calls

Every phone plan includes unlimited text & calls to Canada, Mexico & China for free. Also, you can tether away free of charge, how’s that for saving?

Not only is Tello an expert in savings, but it was there to save the day for one of our happy customers, who told us all about it:

Originally published at on March 16, 2018.



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